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Blind Rivet Nuts

Blind Rivet Nuts are used primarily to install threads in sheet or platemetal where a drilled and tapped thread is not an option.

Blind Rivets

Blind rivets are high strength one piece break-stem fastener that require access from one side only.

They are available in various materials such as Aluminium alloy, Steel and Stainless Steel in a variety of lengths & diameters.

Circlips and Retainers

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Self Clinching Fasteners

“Fixrite” Self Clinching Fasteners provide strong load bearing male or female threads in thin Steel and Aluminium panels. Installation is neat and easy, simply locate the fastener into a punched or drilled hole and apply a parallel squeezing force to embed the fastener into the panel.

Self Tapping Thread Inserts


Self Tapping Thread Inserts are used...

Weld Fasteners

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